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Thread: Waiting for Game Center

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    Waiting for Game Center

    When I open Hugo World the game states that it is waiting for Game Center....and then nothing happens.

    So I have tried to enter Game Center which seems to be malfunctioning. When choosing the 'games' section I Can see the app is waiting for something but it does not progress.

    I have tried my other games with GC-ids .. And they all work fine ....

    Can you help me understand what is wrong with my set up? .... It may have happened in connection to an iOS upgrade, but not sure when the problem started.

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    Same Problem here... A Solution for this would be nice because i have to reboot my iPad multiple times a day

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    Game Center can sometimes hang.

    Please try the following:
    - Double Click home on your device so all your runnings apps are shown. Find Hugo World and close it by "swiping" it towards the middle.
    (When you just reboot, Hugo World will not be closed down, but still run in the background)

    If you experience issues after you are signed into Game Center, you can also try to log out again and then sign in again.
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    Thanks a lot for contributing the information! If nothing happens, why you just don't re-install the version?

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