I thought that this pairing was great for Lady Dior's Spring 09 ad; Marion was beautiful and the angles on that ad were fantastic. To see that they've paired up again for Lady Dior's Fall 09 ad as well made me a very happy camper. And I think this ad High Quality Valentino Replica Bags , shot by Annie Leibovitz, is even more stunning. Marion Cotillard looks fantastic as always (I'm a fan of this stunning French actress, though I have yet to see her in Public Enemies.) I love how vivid the red is. I only have two problems with this ad. First, there's that weird glow around Marion's reflection that I think the ad could do without. And second, I wish that I could see the beautiful Lady Dior handbag a little better. It's just kind of in a heap, which I guess looks realistic, but I'm not too crazy about the look. Otherwise High Quality wallet Replica , this is a gorgeously eye-catching ad. Lady Dior has chosen a stunning model, a talented photographer, and a lovely handbag. That's a job well done. Jennifer Lopez has returned to Miami, celebs are flocking back to Craig's, and everything seems to be in its rightful place in the universe. Of course, I'm writing this on Election Day Eve, so who knows how far out of alignment things will fly in two days' time. For now Cheap Quality YSL Replica Bags , at least, celebs are feeling safe and warm(ish), holding tight to their green juices and favorite Fendi bags. Did they vote though? Are they even registered to vote, or do they just keep checking their Google alerts for news about themselves? We'll never know for sure. Per usual, let's distract ourselves from everything that's rotten in the world with some beautiful bags!