Itís holiday season , which more often than not, is also the prelude to playoff season for Steeler fans. Just as baseball season typically draws to a painful close in Pittsburgh around the middle of July, so football extends into January most seasons. Weíve already survived Thanksgiving. Now comes Christmas, the season, and the day, followed quickly by New Yearís, the eve and the day. That means more parties, more family, more intense games, and for many, more alcohol. Which can all too easily lead to more problems. My co-laborer at BTSC, Dan Sager Tyson Alualu Jersey , highlighted two shameful episodes from Heinz Field where shots of frustration were dropped into pints of beer, creating blowing boilermakers. It is ugly, embarrassing, shameful. It is true enough that those kinds of events happen on any given Sunday across the league. Over the past 25 years Iíve been to roughly a dozen Steeler games in half a dozen venues, none of them in Pittsburgh. While the drama Iíve witnessed never rose to the level captured by the videos in Danís piece, it has come close a few times. He did well in calling fans to behave themselves while at the games. I want to encourage the same when we are watching from afar.Iím passionate about the Steelers. Iíve been following them closely since 1972. Most of my conversations later in life with my father eventually got around to something other than the Steelers. And eventually they always came back. But if I am having a terrible time and casting shadows on my loved ones, even when we are losing, even when we are losing stupid, even when we are being double teamed by our opponent and the zebras, even when we snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, whatever is going wrong with the game, Iím doing it wrong myself.I understand the perspective that would say itís kind of cheating to draw deep joy out of victory Jack Butler Color Rush Jersey , and to draw only minor irritation from a loss. The pendulum should swing equal distances both ways, right? Wrong. It is just a game, after all. Donít let its vicissitudes rob your home of peace. There have been already more than fifty Super Bowls, and many championships before then. But we have only one family. Families stick together. And families encourage each other to act responsibly. If the Steelers matter to you more than your family, you are deeply disturbed, and your family is not well cared for. Get every ounce of joy you can squeeze from victory. And let losses be water off a duckís back.Donít be that guy. Nothing wrong with everyone knowing you are passionate about the Steelers. Something deeply wrong if the Steelers are that which you are most passionate about in your life. When the cousins stop by from Cleveland, congratulate them on getting better. When your nephew announces over the Christmas goose that he is now on his fourth bandwagon of the year and is certain the Chiefs, no Rams, no Saints, no, Texans are going all the way, be glad we have six Lombardis and that you have your nephew. And if , perchance, we lose the big game right there in front of that family of non-Steeler fans, and one of them is being that guy, be the better guy and wish him well. If you are a yinzer, and not merely a Steeler fan, you well know which professional franchise holds the record for most consecutive losing seasons. That would be the Pittsburgh Pirates. You will remember as well Crazy Bob Nuttingís Annual Fire Sale, where the prices on expensive stars were INSANE! If youíre with me so far youíll also remember that before that streak ended, before the chant Johnnnny!!! Cuetttto!!! echoed down the Mon valley, Crazy Bob actually went shopping at the trade deadline. And every year since then the Pirates have been at least competitive enough that it remained, until the deadline, an open question whether weíd be buying or selling. There are always teams out there that are willing to mortgage their futures for that one shot at a title. See the Vikings landing Herschel Walker, or the Saints getting Ricky Williams. Even with Benís retirement approaching Javon Hargrave Jersey , Iím grateful the Steelersí front office doesnít work that way. The urgency that is Ben Roethlisbergerís biological clock is a great motivator to drive the team to excel now, to focus, to fend off potential distractions. But it should not motivate them to trade five bad years down the line to get one good year now.I understand the other side of the equation. There are teams, players and coaches out there that seem to ever be the bridesmaid, and never the bride. Iím looking at you Philip Rivers, and you Kansas City Chiefs and you Marty Schottenheimer. Itís maddening to always be a few bricks shy of a load. That, however, has never been our experience. The Steelers have been rarely bad and often very good. For the Steelers missing the playoffs is a dumpster fire season. Yes, weíve lost too many AFC Championship games. Yes, weíve missed playing in them too often as well. And yes, New England has the same number of Lombardis we have. But we still have never, in my lifetime Donnie Shell Color Rush Jersey , gone into a season grateful because we, like Cleveland this year, ďhave a chance to make some noise.Ē My goal is not to enjoy a great year but to spend all my life enjoying a great franchise.Which means tweaks are in order. Learning from our mistakes is in order. Upgrades here and there are in order. Tossing a bad apple or two is in order. Upsetting the apple cart, however, is not a good plan. Letís not spend our draft capital like Congress opening other peopleís money. Letís not cram tons of dead money into next decadeís backpack. Flashy, furry, speedy hares may have all the sex appeal of Jessica Rabbit, but steady, stable turtles triumph in the long haul. Slow and steady wins the race.