Every week http://www.thecoltsfootballauthentic...rsey-authentic , I will present a summary of some basic and advanced stats for the Colts performance relative to the league. Thanks to Pro Football Reference, NFL.com and the nflSCrapR project for being awesome sources of weekly data.Iím just going to say it . . . the defense last week wasnít terrible.I know, I know. Did I even watch the game? How can giving up 35 points not be terrible? Hereís how. They played the hand they were dealt.The offense turned the ball over 4 times . . . FOUR!!!The Jets had great field position all day, starting inside their own 35 on three drives and once more inside their 45.Thatís a bad situation.The Colts D was handed lemons and they reached for the tequila and salt. Even though the Jets had 9 scoring drives, they only amassed a 64% Drive Success Rate. That is a function of 7 of those drives being limited to field goal attempts and almost half of their drives not earning a first down.That is what a bend but donít break defense is supposed to do. Itís just that they had to bend a lot. Had the offense, oh I donít know, caught the ball and not turned it over, there wouldnít have been 13 drives for the Jets. Fewer opponent drives = fewer opponent scores.TEAM TOTALSWhile Points per drive was a problem Womens Margus Hunt Jersey , the Jets had the 2nd best starting field position of any team in week 6. So thatís not all on the defense.Yards per play, DSR, first down conversions, yards to go on 3rd down and 3rd down conversions are all good defensive numbers. I was also encouraged by 2 more turnovers and only 1 first down via penalty given up.If those stats repeat themselves the rest of the season, then they can perform all the long distance end zone celebrations they want. PASSINGThe passing defense was below average but not horrible. The Jets completion rate was ridiculously high at 80%, but that is partially explained by the passes being so short (7th shortest aDOT this week).Protecting against big plays will allow those numbers underneath. Of course the Colts defense gave up 5 big plays as well, so thereís that. Overall, Sam Darnoldís 8.2 ANY/A was very good but not so much so that I would damn the defense. RUSHINGWelcome to Bizarro world. Itís a cube shaped planet called ďHtraeĒ and here the Colts rush game is good on both sides of the ball. Also Youth Joe Haeg Jersey , Ryan Fitzpatrick is allowed to be the best QB in the league for a few weeks.The Jets tried to convert 4 third downs by running and walked away with nothing, while only a little over 1 in 4 carries were successful (first down, TD or chunk yardage). On a weighted success basis, the Colts defense ranked #2 in rushing against.Thatís good enough to balance out the less than stellar passing D. CONCLUSIONIíll end this how I started. The defense wasnít terrible. Now donít get me wrong, they werenít good either.And unless the offense can sustain drives longer and not turn the ball over so much then we can expect more of the same going forward.SEASON TOTALS (per game)Colts News: A look at the Colts roster decision-making process as cut day looms Collaboration, honesty, freedom: How the Colts go about making their roster decisions Ė The AthleticWith the deadline to cut rosters just days away, the Colts are going through their process of making final roster cuts. 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Hilton.KRAVITZ: Over-looked and under-appreciated, Colts' Leonard is establishing himself as a star-in-waiting | 13 WTHR IndianapolisKRAVITZ: Over-looked and under-appreciated Youth Anthony Walker Jersey , Colts' Leonard is establishing himself as a star-in-waiting.2018 Colts Kickoff Luncheon Q&A: Frank ReichIndianapolis Colts head coach Frank Reich on Wednesday met up on stage with general manager Chris Ballard at the annual Colts Kickoff Luncheon for a Q&A session about a variety of topics.2018 Colts Kickoff Luncheon Q&A: Chris BallardIndianapolis Colts general manager Chris Ballard on Wednesday met up on stage with head coach Frank Reich at the annual Colts Kickoff Luncheon for a Q&A session about a variety of topics.Eric Ebron On Honeymoon With Wife And Colts: "It's All Been Positive."It's been a big year for tight end Eric Ebron - on the field and off. In March, he agreed to come to Indianapolis to play for the Colts. In July, he committed to a lifetime with his love, Gabriela. And he's looking forward to new beginnings with both of tCOLTS MEDIA