Following the Los Angeles Chargersí divisional loss to the Denver Broncos Melvin Gordon Color Rush Jersey , wide receiver Keenan Allen was asked if he felt the Broncos played well. He said, per ESPNís Eric Williams via Twitter, ďNo, I donít think they played well at all. We dominated the game. Turnovers, we gave them some points and thatís what happened. They suck.ĒNow, itís not terribly uncommon for a player to focus on how his team lost the game rather than how their opponent won it. That sort of take is mildly frowned upon, but itís normal enough. Allenís insistence that the Chargers ďdominated the gameĒ is a bit much, but it is also within the realm of whatís considered fair or reasonable to say. Itís that last line where I think he is going to lose people. Flat out saying that the Broncos ďsuckĒ is simply amazing. Itís the kind of thing that nobody comes out and says, especially when you know you have to play them again later in the year (potentially with your season on the line).Now Austin Ekeler Color Rush Jersey , I think Allen is more or less correct in his assessment, but I also think it was probably a mistake for him to give that sentiment voice in such a blunt way. That said, this is the attitude that Allen plays with and it is part of what makes him one of the NFLís best receivers, so that is something you have to consider.What do you think? Did Allen cross the line? The Chargers are at home again this week as they host the Arizona Cardinals in what many hope is a tune-up game to get the bad heebie-jeebies off the teamís back following the recent demoralizing loss to the Denver Broncos.The Cards are limping into this Sunday with a record of 2-8 following a disappointing loss to the Oakland Raiders. The short-term depression should be palpable in this one as each team probably thought their last contest was going to be a walk in the park.Yesterday was also Thanksgiving and Iíd be wrong to think there wasnít a handful of Bolts fans who took the time to express their thankfulness that the Chargers are still 7-3, still second in the AFC West, and right on track for a playoff appearance if they can avoid a meltdown through the final month of the season.With that being said, letís go right ahead and get to some of your questions from this weekís mailbag. Hey, Timmy.If there is anything Iím thankful for at the moment, itís that the team is still among the best in the league and that theyíre getting one of their best defensive players back at a crucial time in the season.I am also thankful that Telesco made the right call on Derwin James in this past NFL Draft and Iím also extremely thankful to see Melvin Gordon take another giant step forward in his development during his fourth year in the league.After the loss of Denzel Perryman Joey Bosa Color Rush Jersey , I knew thee was going to be a drop-off in play across the board. Fans saw his absence affect the team quite a bit last year and it didnít take long for the same thing to happen this year. Honestly, I do not expect any linebackers to step up because I donít think any of them are capable. If anything, I am begging and pleading for the secondary to step up and resemble anything like their 2017 form. Casey Hayward allowed some crucial catches last game that allowed the Broncos to march down the field in order to tie, and inevitably win, that last game. Something needs to change ASAP.On offense, Philip Rivers is going to have to come out of this recent slump. He needs to completely avoid Travis Benjamin at all costs and get back to taking what the defense gives him. He needs to be more aggressive while maintaining efficiency with his plays at the line of scrimmage. He needs to be aware of mismatches and exploit them a la Tyrell Williams when they took advantage of the Cleveland Browns secondary.Jones has been close to an afterthought this season after he was drafted to inject some youth and energy into an aging position group.As a member of the vaunted North Caroline State defensive line during the 2017 college football season, Jones excelled at his role but didnít offer much outside of making some plays he was expected to.The third round was a bit of a reach for him and I think the pick became rushed once the giants drafted his former teammate, DT B.J. Hill, as we had a source saying the initial pick was Hill prior to him coming off the board.Jones showed ample quickness and flashed a bit when I was down in Mobile for the last Senior Bowl but he has yet to transition any of those moments into his time at the professional level. Jones currently just has 12 tackles and half of a sack on the season and he was about to sit on the inactive list for the rest of the season until Corey Liugetís injury.Until given a reason otherwise Forrest Lamp Color Rush Jersey , Iím not putting any hopes into Jones this year as a difference-maker.Okay, so worst case scenario is obviously losing enough games to the point where the team wastes their 6-game win streak en route to the same 9-7 record that they finished with last season, essentially turning this year into purgatory for the development of this team. Hereís my predicitions for the teamís final five games following a win against the Cardinals on Sunday:12/2 @ PIT: L12/9 vs. CIN: L12/13 @ KC: L12/22 vs. BAL: L12/30 @ DEN: WSome may disagree, but I have always liked the Chargers chances better, even when away, when they play in an actual NFL stadium. Their games against the Bengals and Ravens at StubHub Center worry me greatly. It took the Chargers piecing together their worst performance of the season to lose to the Broncos by a field goal. Going into Mile High and winning does not worry me that much in comparison.