Indianapolis Colts by the Numbers: Week 1 Defensive Stats On the heels of the offensive metrics http://www.authenticsindianapoliscol...-sheard-jersey , I present the defensive stats from Week 1 in the NFL.These are the same measures used for the offense, but viewed from the defensive perspective. So, Pts is points against and yards are yards given up. You get the idea. TEAM TOTALSThere is not much good news here. The rankings are by points per drive against, where the Colts finished 28th. This includes defensive and special teams scores so excluding the fumble return would likely bump the defense up a few spots.Iíll work to remove those scores as well as not counting drives that end in QB kneels.We travel next to the #2 defense by Pts/Drv against.Letís hope that was a function of Sam Bradford. The Colts offense had a very good 72.7% DSR, but the defense gave up an even higher 73.1% to the Bengals making them the 25th least effective unit by that measure. Both 3rd down conversion rate (50%) and all down conversion rate (32%) were far worse than average (30th and 27th place respectively), so thatís not good.Really the only bright spot was the 2 turnovers: a Kenny Moore interception and a Darius Leonard fumble recovery. PASSINGRanked by ANY/A against White Joe Haeg Jersey , the Colts passing D comes in 23rd in Week 1.A Passing Down Conversion Rate (PDC) of 36.7% means the Bengals had no trouble movingthe ball down the field through the air. Giving up a 75% completion rate (ranked 29th) usually means a lot of short passes, but Daltonís impressive YPA of 8.7 shows that wasnít the case here. Thatís just an ugly combination. There really is no good story here except for the interception . . . which was awesome.RUSHING100 yards and 5 first downs is not exactly running on us all day but the high EPA/c shows the Bengals were very efficient against our run defense. (edit: there was an error in my data on EPA/c, which I have fixed . . . weíre still bad). SUMMARYWell, there you go: sort of a bad news, bad news kind of thing. Although the defense showed some signs of life, itís not going to show in the stats until they deliver consistency.As I said in my previous article White Chester Rogers Jersey , this will be an evolving format throughout the season, so let me know what you like, what you donít like or what you want to see.2018 opponent scouting report: Week 3 Eagles special teams and a prediction OverviewOn September 23, 2018 the Indianapolis Colts will make the trip to take on the Philadelphia Eagles. In this week three match-up I sought to understand our opponent and get a better idea of how they may attack our new look Colts.The Eagles, as you may have heard finished last season by beating the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl. As happy as I am the Patriots lost and Frank Reich is now the head coach of the Colts, I donít want to give the defending champs anything they donít earn. The last time these two teams played was September 15 White Matt Slauson Jersey , 2014. The Eagles came out victorious four years ago but neither team is remotely similar to their 2014 counterparts. Hopefully our Colts can pull off an improbable win.Letís figure out what we can expect in week three.Kicker:Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty ImagesJake Elliott is a 2nd year player out of Memphis. Heís a career 82% field goal kicker but he is 5 for 6 from beyond 50 yards. If what I believe is correct Elliottís services could mean the difference between a Colts win and a Colts loss. Heís 1 for 2 on the year, hopefully he joins the list of bad kicker performances the rest of the league experienced last weekend. Punter:Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty ImagesCameron Johnston is a first year pro out of Ohio State. We donít have many stats to look back at but this far in his career he is averaging nearly 54 yards per punt while pinning 4 balls inside the opponents 20 yard line. I believe, perhaps incorrectly, that Johnston is going to get a chance to show off his leg in this one. It will be interesting to see what kind of opportunities our returners have if he out kicks his coverage. Returner:Photo by Elsa/Getty ImagesBoth Darren Sproles and Shelton Gibson will handle return duties if healthy. If not Corey Clement is listed as next in line for both kick and punt return duties. Clement says he is at 100%. If Sproles can return punts heís averaging nearly 10 yards per return in 2018. Shelton Gibson is a second year pro out of West Virginia. This is his first year returning kicks and is averaging just 21.5 yards per return. The Colts special teams units have been respectable but hardly eye popping. I donít feel that the return game will be what shifts the game in either direction. Final Thoughts for The Week:The last time I felt this unsure about calling a game for either team was week one. See, I didnít have any idea how the Colts would come out. I didnít know if they had hired good coaches. I didnít know how the new additions would look in their first game action. I didnít know a lot. So I come into this game and as much as I think Iíve learned about the 2018 Colts in the first two weeks of the season, thereís still so much we just canít know about Carson Wentz and how the Eagles plan to use him. Truly this game could go either way and a lot of it rides on how well Wentz plays. If he comes out and looks like he did before his injury http://www.authenticsindianapoliscol...-farley-jersey , it might be a long day. If he comes out and shows any sign of not having played football for so long, then itís probably going to be a very good day.PredictionColts 24Eagles 17