That was a tough loss Sunday and the Bears are back at .500. Granted Cheap Cody Whitehair Jersey , not many would have picked the Patriots game to be a win when the schedule was announced, but disappointment comes with changing expectations.Being .500 here is actually progress for the Bears, who have been out of it by Halloween for the last few years.They have a chance to get back into the win column over the next couple of weeks and get things pointed in the right direction heading into the halfway point.So letís take a look back at Sundayís game, and see which players need to improve and which players need to keep playing well to help the Bears get back to their winning ways.Stock upBilal Nichols, DT - The rookie fifth round pick had himself a day trying to pick up the pass rush for the Bears. Nichols had a forced fumble and a QB hit, as well as being very close to splitting a sack with Roquan Smith.Kyle Fuller, CB - Three interceptions in two games definitely deserves a shoutout. Did he play perfect? No, but he had three passes defensed to go with a right place, right time INT.Trey Burton, TE - On a day where the Patriots seemed determined to not let Taylor Gabriel get open, Burton picked up the slack with a career day: nine receptions for 126 yards (both career highs) and a touchdown. Stock downDion Sims, TE - What is he still doing on this roster? The one pass that went his way bounced off his hands and was incomplete. I get that heís just filler until Adam Shaheen comes back, but Sims has been a waste of money.Eddie Jackson, S - This is two weeks in a row he makes an appearance here, but he needs to be better. His failure to wrap up (a knock on him coming out of Alabama) allowed Josh Gordon to run free for most of the extra yardage on the touchdown.Ben Braunecker Youth Taylor Gabriel Jersey , TE - I hate to jump on the kid, especially when you hear his post game comments, but a small technique mistake will be deadly in the NFL and it was Sunday. Branecker is a core special teamer and is solid on that unit, but he deserves the mention here, even though it pains me to do so.Who did I miss? Who are your picks?Week 2 Postgame: Bears defense carries the water, smothers Seahawks in 24-17 win Many of us thought the Bears would dominate this game. Some of us (for example, me) thought the Bears offense would have a more dramatic bounce back after failing to close out against the Packers last week.The Bears dominated the game in terms of yards and time of possession. Points? That was another story. The offense has plenty of reasons to be slow to get startedóFirst time head coach installing an ambitious system, a quarterback with 13 NFL and 13 college starts, and a complete change in receivers over the off-season. Still, Iím tired of defending the Bears offense, and I wish they would just be immediately amazing so I wouldnít have to.The best two first-round picks every spentThe Seahawks answer for Khalil Mack seemed to be runs and fast passes, choosing to leave Mack one-on-one with mediocre right tackle Germain Ifedi most of the time and hoping to get the ball out fast enough that it doesnít matter. It worked sometimes. Other times Mack and Goldman combined to form the hearty whole-grain bread slices in a Russell Wilson-flavored quarterback smoshwich.The clever Seahawks decided to help Ifedi out with a tight end. Mack quickly consumed the tight-end for a power-up then used his indestructible upgraded form to bull-rush through Ifedi and knock the ball out of Wilsonís hand. Khalil Mack is the good thing Bears fans arenít used to having. At least we have some offensive hick-ups to give us something familiar to hold on to,Roquan quiet so farMr. Smith started the game with back to back tackles, but for the most part went unnoticed. He did miss a tackle on a Russell Wilson scramble, which seemed to be a result of taking a bad angle rather than being too slow or bad technique. Thatís easy to chalk up to getting used to the NFL game speed.Roquan showed good instincts , speed, and coverage ability in moments, and finished finished the night with 7 solo tackles. Honestly, we can let Roquan quietly take his time to achieve the level of dominance at the NFL level we saw in him as the leader of Georgiaís defense. Because itís so easy to focus our attention on Khalil Mack...Allen Robinson Brings the Easter Sunday SwaggerTonight we learned that Allen Robinson has been the best dressed Bear since 1999, and he demonstrated the route-running and catch-point confidence that clearly runs deep in his roots. This offense has a lot of weapons. That doesnít mean AR12 isnít a true number one receiver who manages to stand-out in all the important subtle ways on a play-by-play basis.Is defending Trubisky going to be my new full-time job?Trubisky missed Jordan Howard high on an easy dump-off early, then stepped up and finished the drive all the way to the end zone. Letís call that little bounce back.He then threw a poor-mechanics underthrow interception, followed by an ďahh Címon!Ē tipped pass interception on the next drive. That combo would knock the air out of most of us. Iíve seen Trubisky bounce back from discouraging situations, but taking his next drive to the 6 yard line doesnít really fit the narrative of bouncing back and thriving.My feeling on Trubisky isnít going to change quickly. Overall, he has plenty of shortcomings, but most of them fall into the category of things that improve with experience. He rushes passes and throws with bad mechanics. He makes some bad decisions. And heís clearly affected by the garbage bloggers like me spew out because he seemed to overreact to the critiques of him not being aggressive enough (see the overplayed still image of an open Trey Burton in the end-zone).This may sound like the biggest homer excuse youíve ever heard, but I actually believe too much success early in your career isnít necessarily good for a young QBís development. When things work the way you want them to, you donít get much opportunity to learn. And when youíre used to things being easy, you can get real frustrated when they start to get hard. Iíll root for Trubisky for as long as he wears a Navy jersey, no matter how good he is. But I honestly believe thereís a lot of reason to hope. My timeline for patience is long, so donít try to come at me if heís bad next week.More Jo HoMatt Nagy didnít call a lot of run plays. For the first half , this seemed like a chicken/egg scenario. The Bears run plays didnít go particularly well, and the Bears didnít run a lot of times. The Seahawks biggest weaknesses are their linebackers and cornerbacks, so this may have been a conscious decision to avoid the Seahawksí decent defensive lineónot to mention Earl Thomasí contribution to run defense. But in the 4th, when Jo Ho started to get more involved, you saw what that beautiful Bear can do with vision and power. We need to see more of that, if only for the chortles of joy it induces in the best of us.Two unblocked sacks on TrubiskyThe first was a linebacker blitz from inside-trader Mychal Kendricks. For the second, Frank Clark toasted Bobby Massie without getting slowed at all. But the Bears sacked Russell Wilson 6 timesBWahahawhahahahaha. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Can we just enjoy the Bears defense while we wait for a new offensive system and a talented inexperienced quarterback work out the kinks? Just kidding. Of course not. Please use the comments section to drag our offense through the dirt and complain as loud as possible.Aaron Lynch proving to be a valuable contributorWhen Aaron Lynch sat out the entire preseason and training camp with injuries, most of us were worried. In two games, heís been able to get pressure, tackles for loss, and otherwise be a menace to opposing offenses. 9 more to goPrince Amukamara promised 10 interceptions this season after two zero interception seasons in 2016 and 2017. He made the most of his first, returning it for a touchdown. I expect to enjoy the other nine.The Bears defense was the best unit on the field tonight, and we saw some truly impressive domination. The Bears offense is a work in progress. It wasnít always pretty, but weíll take the W. Maybe next week Mack and friends can take a rest while Trubisky carries the weight? Probably not. But Iíve got my spotify celebration dance mix ready just in case.The Bears are now tied for most wins in the NFC North! They also donít have any ties. Ties are for losers.