Preseason Week 2 yields little for Colts fans in home loss to Ravens Iíve learned in my life that Iím not very good at sugarcoating things. Often White Chester Rogers Jersey , I find myself biting my tongue (or, deleting something Iíve typed out on any of a number of social media sites) and simply shaking my head in silence instead of wearing my emotions on my sleeve and potentially embarrassing myself or starting an argument with a stranger.Last nightís game was awful. There. I said it. However, it wasnít without purpose, and weíll get into that in a minute.It has become clear to me that just like other games I play, information is now king and neither team looked like it was trying to give anything away last night. For the record, the Ravens are not a very good football team and I donít know if Lamar Jackson or even RGIII can save them, and we already knew that about Joe Flacco. I can say that with absolute certainty. Going into the game, the Colts sidelined something along the lines of 20 players, which Iím assuming leveled the playing field. Andrew Luck was without Anthony Costanzo (who Iím sure is still better at his job one-legged than LeíRaven Clark), T.Y. was in pads but didnít play (at least he catches balls you throw him), and the only position group on offense I came away really excited about was the tight ends.On the other side of the ball, the defense forced a few three and outs early, caused turnovers and even the special teams play was above bar with the G.O.A.T. kicking a 57-yard field goal in the first half. Our boy Rigoberto Sanchez was apparently off his game, shanking a punt into the Colts sideline and although he did recover a fumble on a punt return that was caused by TE Ross Travis, his day was anything but great.All that said, I think what I came away with just about the same things to say as anyone else. Andrew Luck looked tight and less accurate than he did Week 1. The receivers on this team need to step up, because at this point, itís TY and then a whole bunch of guys with big question marks after you say their name. Ryan Grant? Chester Rogers?Without Mack, the Colts started with Christine Michael at running back (who Brett Mock says has no vision) White Matt Slauson Jersey , then Jordan Wilkins came in and demonstrated that the running back doesnít need to be flashy to be effective, and Nyheim Hines looks like he needs more practice. If I remember correctly, and yes it was against the second team Ravens defense, Wilkins went like 4 straight carries at about 7 yards a clip until Baltimore stuffed him on a play (in which he careened forward for about a 3-4 yard gain on what looked like a no gain), and then had a couple catches too. Again, the tight end group on this team is awesome. With Jack, Erik and Eric (Thing 1 & 2, I propose?) and even Ross Travis, there appears to be depth and a bevy of talent at the position, which will allegedly be highly important in the style of offense new head coach Frank Reich intends to employ come the regular season.On the defensive side of the ball, again the strength is at safety and along the defensive line. That said, several times last night I found myself praising cornerback Quincy Wilson for just ďbeing there and trying to make a play in coverageĒ. DT Hassan Ridgeway is starting off hot (please stay healthy), John Simonís switch to defensive end appears to be a fruitful endeavor, and personally, I really like Skai Moore and Darius Leonard at linebacker.Like Andrew Luck said, this team is really young and there will be some growing pains. Nights like last night show how important scheme and play-calling are. If you are running a base offense, the other team can game plan against that and shut down your offense. I prefer to reserve most of my analysis for regular season games (due to the nature of preseason games, a lot of the time weíre really only watching like 1 or 2 players on the field fight for a single roster spot).In closing, I wouldnít recommend deeply analyzing the film on last nightís game http://www.authenticsindianapoliscol...-farley-jersey , because after having practiced against this team all week, the only real positive appears to be a lack of a major injury, right? Everything else gets muddied because of how bad the game was on the whole. The officials got both leading with the head penalties wrong, even with the benefit of a replay. However, the reality is that this is the preseason for them as well, both calls will be reviewed by the league office and the officiating crew will be coached before the season starts.On to Week 3! Fantasy football is supposed to be fun, but some players stress a lot about their upcoming drafts.Most notably, they obsess about their first-round pick and who may be available when their turn comes. Don't play the guessing game ó try to figure out who will be picked ahead of you. Let the draft come to you, even at the beginning.For instance, if you pick eighth, have your top eight players ready and just take the highest ranked one available when it is your turn. The worst case scenario is you get your eighth ranked player and that could turn out to be someone as good as Houston wideout DeAndre Hopkins or Kansas City running back Kareem Hunt.You must go with the flow of the draft throughout, and not try to heavily speculate how you are going to build your team ahead of time. There is no set sequence for how to assemble your roster in the early rounds and should be prepared to adjust because every draft is different.That said it makes sense to have a basic shell of a plan. You should fill out your running back and wide receiver positions first. If your league requires you to start two running backs and three wide receivers, you should focus your first five selections on those two positions. Make sure you get two running backs and three wide receivers in the first five rounds because you have to start multiple players at those positions and the depth and quality drops off very quickly.It may be tempting to go for a quarterback or superstar tight end early, but it's not recommended when you have to start just one of each in most standard fantasy formats. You should really wait on a QB until at least the sixth round. The position is very deep.Colts QB Andrew Luck has an Average Draft Position of the seventh round, Detroit's Matthew Stafford is going in the eighth and Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers is being picked in the ninth round. Stafford and Rivers were the eighth and ninth highest scoring QBs in fantasy last season. You do not need to have Green Bay's Aaron Rodgers or Seattle's Russell Wilson to win your league.As for tight ends, only Rob Gronkowski, Travis Kelce and Zach Ertz deserve consideration earlier than the sixth round. Taking any one of those before the fourth round, however, costs you a shot at prime RBs or WRs. If you miss on one of the elite TEs Youth Jordan Wilkins Jersey , being prepared and knowing the rest of the field well can lead to a respectable alternative later on.If your league requires, for instance, two RBs, three WRs and a flex starter, plus the QB and TE, you should come out of the first eight rounds with those positions filled. After that, you should start loading up on depth at RB and WR, grabbing quality fantasy reserves and some sleepers.Leave your defensive unit and your kicker for the final picks. Don't be that person who takes Jacksonville or Minnesota in the eighth round. You only have to start one defensive unit and defensive performances vary a lot from season to season. You can stream different defenses each week based on units facing weaker offensive opponents. Kicker production can vary wildly from week to week and season to season and there are always viable ones available in free agency during the year.You can also pass on a backup QB in cases where you have a top star like Wilson or New England's Tom Brady. You are only going to use the backup once during the season and may be able to grab a decent QB off the waiver wire. It's also not essential to draft a backup for a top 5 TE selected early.When planning out your team as the draft progresses, don't sweat bye weeks and schedules, especially for fantasy playoff weeks. Don't pass on a player in the middle or later rounds because he has the same bye week as one of your starters. By the time the byes actually roll around, your roster may have changed significantly because of waiver adds and trades. You cannot rigidly plan for bye weeks that occur in say, Weeks 7 or 8 when you are drafting in the summer. There is going to be way too much that changes outlooks and your rosters between now and then.Don't look too far down the road at schedules, either. Teams change a lot on defense from year to year and you cannot base too much on last season. We really will not have a firm grip on this season's true trends until at least the first quarter of the season has concluded.Focus on building your own roster throughout to grab best players available for filling needs or to get bench upside or depth.