One I kept coming back to as I wrote last week’s GIF Horse was that Bradley Chubb Color Rush Jersey Denver had earned an “estimated” 4.9 wins by Football Outsiders DVOA metric. That’s better than team’s like the Patriots Gary Zimmerman Jersey , Steelers, and Washington. It’s also better than yesterday’s opponent, the Houston Texans. Even with all their warts, this year’s Broncos team has looked like it was a serious contender in every contest outside of New York. They boast an elite running game and pass rush that buoys an average passer and woeful secondary. They’re flawed for sure, but the fact that they enter their bye week with 6 losses is a bit of a surprise. A schedule with 3 games against legitimate Super Bowl contenders didn’t help, but losses to the Jets, Ravens and Texans fall squarely at the feet of the man making the calls.Throughout the season there has been questionable usage of personnel such as passing far too much when the run game is working or a jet sweet on 3rd and 2. Dead horses , and both fall at the offensive coordinator’s feet first and foremost. But in the most recent contest the decisions at the end of each half can’t be ignored. Clock management is where the best coaches separate themselves from the field and when the average Madden player knows Vance blew it, he blew it.By kicking a 62-yard field goal with time on the clock, Vance Joseph was gambling. There’s little in the way of statistical evidence to back up his decision without admitting as much. Perhaps he still had McManus’ 2017 practice kicks in mind?PK Brandon McManus is ‘true weapon’ for Broncos, drills 73-yard field goal in practice - CBSSports.comThat’s about all Joseph could say that would justify the call, as McManus’ career make when the kick counts for something is a mere 57 yarder, made in 2015. If that was the only mistake Joseph made with special teams yesterday, the Broncos probably pull out the victory on a game winning redemption make. Instead Vance played it safe on the Broncos final drive of the game and settled for a 51 yard attempt to push his team past a Texans team that had scored all of 3 points in the second half.For his career Brandon McManus was 13-24 on 50+ yard kicks entering Sunday. He’s made 72.4% from 40-49 and 94.5% from anything closer. Perhaps Joseph could have had Case Keenum attempt a pass with time on the clock and a timeout to burn rather than run Phillip Lindsay up the middle for a 1 yard gain? Or perhaps he could have used his brain instead of putting the team he coaches in that situation to begin with. Maybe he’ll figure it out at his next job. I’m still hesitant to say that Elway will part ways with the head coach he picked over Kyle Shanahan at the bye. It would create a perception issue for the Denver opening over the rest of the season Jake Butt Color Rush Jersey , but there is little doubt Joseph is coaching on borrowed time now. One name to keep an eye on at the year progresses? John Harbaugh. Reports started surfacing that he was on the hot seat going into the Pittsburgh game. Joe Flacco didn’t do him any favors and the Ravens now look like a longshot to make the dance. There’s already a Kubiak connection working in the Broncos favor here...Ravens coach John Harbaugh on hot seat in Baltimore - NFL.comJohn Harbaugh: I don’t ever worry about keeping a job – ProFootballTalkOn to the linksDenver Broncos: 4 winners, 1 loser in 19-17 loss to Texans - Mile High ReportCase Keenum had a great game but it was all for nothing.Cover 4: Broncos fall short in 19-17 loss to TexansI did not expect Heuerman to get 10 catches but Houston did go into the Broncos game with a huge weakness to tight ends. Something to keep in mind before you dump Le’Veon Bell for Denver’s tight end in fantasy football. I would still expect Courtland Sutton to take up the biggest slack with the Thomas trade. Denver Broncos: 5 things learned from 19-17 defeat to Houston Texans. - Mile High ReportNFL Week 9 Analysis: Saints-Rams, Steelers-Ravens | SI.comBroncos, 19-17 | 9news.comAfter the first quarter I expected the story to be D.T.’s performance as he was schooling Brock early and often. Then he disappeared until he started making mistakes near the end of the game, so this was a pretty interesting piece by Klis.ESPNA look around the WestGame Recap: Chargers squeak out another too-close-for-comfort win in Seattle 25-17 - Bolts From The BlueThe Broncos were lucky to play Seattle early in the year before Vance really solidified his “Football 101.” Will the Raiders win any of their remaining eight games this season? | NBCS Bay AreaProbably not.Kareem Hunt leads Kansas City Chiefs to 37-21 victory over the Browns - Arrowhead PrideHunt ripped off 141 scrimmage yards in the victory.Watch Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes’ three passing touchdowns here - Arrowhead PrideMahomes is on pace to become the 10th QB to pass for 5,000 yards. He’s also getting closer to Peyton Manning’s single season touchdown record.A look around the rest of the league.Injuries we’re tracking from Sunday’s Week 9 games - NFL.comBucs-Panthers: The predictability of Tampa Bay’s 42-28 loss at CarolinaSam Darnold: There’s no excuse for how I played – ProFootballTalkNathan Peterman: I don’t feel snakebit – ProFootballTalkSteelers unsure when -- or if -- Le’Veon Bell will report - NFL.comPittsburgh Steelers return to basics, bully Baltimore Ravens - NFL.comThe Rams officially have a Marcus Peters problem | Touchdown Wire The stadium in which the Denver Broncos play is outdoors. I know Billy Turner Jersey , mind-blowing, right? So it would make sense to sign a free agent quarterback who is at least as good outdoors as he is inside of a dome. You wouldn’t want to sign a guy who has historically only been good in a dome to play here. Right? So imagine my surprise when I looked up Case Keenum’s career splits by stadium type. Case Keenum has a career 17:4 TD:INT ratio is domes and a career 23:23 TD:INT outdoors. (Retractable roof stadiums are difficult to parse because the roof could be opened or closed - so make with that data what you will.) Of course this includes his 2018 games, which are all outdoors, so prior to this season he had an 18:16 ratio. That is atrocious. Why? Because league-wide TD:INT ratio was 1.72:1.00 last season. In other words, the average NFL QB should throw two touchdowns for every interception. Maybe it is just a function of him playing poorly outdoors early in his career and much better last season. So let’s see how he played when he was outdoors in 2017. In 2017, Keenum was better than he had been outdoors relative to earlier in his career, but it’s still scary just how closely his stats so far this year (where every game has been outdoors) match his career outdoor performance stats. So all of this deep diving on Keenum’s career stats led me to another scary revelation. He has not thrown the ball well during his career when the offense needed 10 or more yards for a first down (this would include throws on 1st-and-10 as well as throws on 2nd- or 3rd-and-10 or more). In fact his career stats on throws where 10 or more yards are needed are eerily similar to Trevor Siemian’s stats here (try not to barf). This could be another case where Case (see what I did there?) played much better in 2017 than his career numbers. Let’s compare his performance in this situation in 2017 to his career stats:He was better last year than he had been during the rest of his career. Just for reference I am going to show what elite quarterbacks do in this situation for their careers just so we can know what it would look like if we were getting elite quarterback play again in Denver (something we haven’t seen from a Broncos QB since 2013 really). So there you have it. The free agent quarterback that was supposed to take the Broncos offense from the dumpster-fire that it was last year to at least average:historically (and even last year) is/was much worse outdoorsand has stats eerily similar to Trevor Siemian If we compare Keenum and Siemian by distance to gain , here are the stats:It is here that we see where Keenum is an upgrade over Siemian - looking at their comparative stats on throws with 1-3 and 4-6 yards needed to gain. Keenum has been decidedly better. Interesting on throws where 7-9 yards are needed, while Keenum has a much better completion percentage, his TD:INT ratio is comparable to Siemian. So maybe Dove Valley did its due diligence, but it sure looks like it bought a pig in a poke at this point in the season.