Todd Gurley scored his eighth touchdown of the season after an apparent Broncos touchdown was taken off the board and the Rams lead the Broncos 13-3 at halftime in Denver. The final snap of the half was a kneeldown by Broncos backup quarterback Chad Kelly and it remains to be seen if he’ll stay in the game come the third quarter.Case Keenum is 13-of-21 for 137 yards and took a big hit on a sack by safety Lamarcus Joyner on the final play of the previous drive. An announcement at the game said he was evaluated for a concussion and cleared.Snow fell in Denver ahead of the game , but there was none on the field to greet the Rams when the game got underway. The visitors were able to drive into the red zone on each of their first two possessions, but had to kick field goals after they stalled close to the end zone. Gurley’s 10-yard run on fourth down in the second quarter ensured that wouldn’t happen a third time.Gurley has run nine times for 88 yards and the team had 108 rushing yards overall as the ground has been better to the Rams than the air. Jared Goff is 9-of-15 for 137 yards and has been sacked three times as the Denver pass rush has found its footing behind Bradley Chubb and Von Miller. With a lead and the Broncos coming off a game that saw them give up 323 rushing yards, the Broncos might be in store for a larger dose of Gurley after the break. The Los Angeles Rams came out of their matchup with the Denver Broncos at 6-0 as many of us predicted they would. If you’re just looking at the recap and/or box score following the game, you might be a bit disappointed and look to TST to figure out what went wrong.But that score is largely misleading and the game was never as close as the score indicated. The Rams battled injuries (more on that in a bit) all day but snagged an early lead and never looked back.Last week, Hotdaddywags took a look at some Rams to watch. Let’s take a look back and see how they performed.Marcus PetersTo be completely honest Los Angeles Rams Hats , Peters looked god-awful against the Seattle Seahawks. He was constantly being fooled by double moves and got beat deep multiple times. For fans who remember what it was like when Janoris Jenkins was with the Rams, the similarities were staggering.In Denver, Peters was back to his usual self. Broncos QB Case Keenum was afraid to challenge Peters and largely avoided throwing to his side. Then again, with fellow CB Aqib Talib still out, the Broncos didn’t have to.Peters was given a game ball by our own Skye Sverdlin and erased lingering doubts that he might not be 100% recovered from his injury.Cooper Kupp and Brandin CooksCooks and Kupp didn’t do much on Sunday Los Angeles Rams Hoodie , but they didn’t have to. The Rams were dominant on the ground and QB Jared Goff wasn’t as accurate as usual in the cold weather. When Goff was able to connect, he looked early and often to WR Robert Woods - who again eclipsed 100 yards. Woods is now 7th in the NFL in receiving yards with Cooks and Kupp not far behind at 10th and 19th respectively.More worrisome for Rams fans is the injury that Kupp suffered at the end of the 1st half. It looked ugly, but he was able to return in the 2nd half - which is encouraging. Adam Schefter has reported that it’s an MCL sprain and that Kupp could miss some time.Todd GurleyGurley was damn near impossible to tackle on Sunday. He had his first career 200 yard game and averaged an impressive 7.4 YPC. He was a freight train that the Broncos had no answer for. This was exactly the type of performance the Rams needed from Gurley with Goff struggling.Gurley was able to overcome the OL injuries throughout the game and is already making a strong case to repeat as Offensive Player of the Year.Troy HillA week after an impressive showing against the Sehawks, Hill allowed multiple bombs to his side of the field and looked horrid. Three Broncos players had receptions of 40+ yards and I’m fairly certain that Hill was targeted in all of time.Get well soon Aqib. The Rams miss you. Michael BrockersBrockers had another quiet day at the office in Denver, but that doesn’t mean that it was a bad day for him either. Constantly overlooked because of his higher profile teammates Jack Youngblood Jersey Black Friday , Brockers often gets lost in the shuffle. But that’s fine by him.He never complains about having to do the dirty work or not getting the recognition he deserves. He ate Broncos OL for breakfast, lunch, and dinner en route to 5 tackles (4 solo).The shoulder injury he sustained is worth monitoring, but it didn’t seem to be bothering him after he returned to the game so I’m not horribly concerned about it.