New Orleans Saints Womens Johnny Hekker Jersey , the expectation will be that the score will be similar to a high school basketball game. Even though the Rams took care of the Saints at home last season, QB Drew Brees and company are playing at an extremely high level right now. So, will QB Jared Goff be able to hang with Brees in a shootout?Letís get bold.A dominating performance by Lamarcus Joyner, highlighted by 2 picksS Lamarcus Joyner seemed destined to have a great 2018 season ó heís playing for a new contract and has a star-studded supporting cast. But alas, Joyner has been pretty quiet so far. However, things are going to change on Sunday when he single-handedly brings the Saintsí offense to a screeching halt. Two interceptions and a forced fumble. Jared Goff will throw one touchdown, a game winner, to his best friendSince the Rams do so many amazing things on the regular , my predictions that seem out on a limb usually concern the tight ends. This week, TE Tyler Higbee will catch a climatic touchdown pass in the end zone to seal the win for the Rams. After the game, Goff and Higs will celebrate with the scoops and some PS4.Three sacks for DT Ndamukong SuhWith all the attention that DL Aaron Donald is getting (for good reason), just remember that Ndumukong Suh needs to eat too. And on Sunday, heíll feast on QB Drew Brees making the veteran so pressured that Brees suffers the worst performance of his season. The final score will be 13-10, Rams winIt could happen, guys. Probably not, but rewards are not handed out to those who play it safe. Both of these defenses are proud and hungry to prove themselves.Before you know it Womens Dominique Easley Jersey , the Rams will be 9-0. Well, that was an absolutely dominant half. It perhaps just didnít feel like it.For about 28 minutes, the Los Angeles Rams completely controlled the San Francisco 49ers in all aspects. The offense wasnít stopped by the Niners once, but self-inflicted mistakes (a fumble on the snap from QB Jared Goff, a drop from RB Todd Gurley and an inexplicable near interception thrown by Goff) prevented what could have been a 30-point half. Defensively, the Rams were on top as well. The Ninersí first five drives? Fumble, punt, fumble , punt, interception. Oh and that second punt? Blocked for a safety by special teams diety Cory Littleton.It was absolute dominance.And then TE George Kittle had to ruin it because he is good and the Niners remembered that.So letís see what happens this half. Perhaps Goff settles in from his last drive where he looked his 2018 self. And if the offensive line continues to perform like the best offensive line in the NFL which theyíve looked like all year and have as well today, thatíll make things easy for Goff, Gurley and backup RB Malcolm Brown who might see even more time with the need for Gurley lessened by the affairs thus far.