The deadline for submitting artwork for the contest has passed and we are ready to vote!
Thanks for the submissions - and now we want you to decide who should win!

The idea was this:
Draw, paint, sew or use something else to create an artistic Hugo image.
What tool you use is completely up to you - the image must include Hugo.

This is allowed:
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This is not allowed:
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Let's vote!
The poll will close November 15!

1. Hugo & Hugolina by Nightsky-Goddess

''Hugo was told of upcoming enemy. It wasn't one of Scylla's minions. Hugo stood up and looked to the messenger. ''I'll go as soon as possible!'' He said. Messenger nodded and leaved him and his wife alone. Hugolina looked to her husband worried and scared. ''Hugo..'' She said quietly. ''It's alright, I'll go investigate, I won't fight.'' He said with warm smile. His wife nodded quietly. ''Just.. Just don't die. Alright...'' She said, Hugo nodded and smiled as he leaved his love behind.''

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2. Hugo by Flávio

The design was based on the DS box, Hugo TrollWoods.
The logo was also traced, the rest was printscreen.
The character was created in CorelDRAW 13.

See Flávio's thread here:

3. Scylla & Dr. Nogo by oguzhan

ogyzhan explains this about his drawing:
"This is the picture I wanted to tell you how sacred friendship. Know the value of your friends.
Confronts a difficult moment of. : D"