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Thread: Is it the end of the game?

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    Is it the end of the game?

    Hey HTW community! We wonder whether it's the end of the game? The game disappeared from the stores, there's no way you can play using Facebook web anymore. So there will be no new players and if someone deletes the game he would lose an opportunity to install it. A few of our players faced this problem, so what should I tell them to do? We have been playing here for more than 2 years and we want to know what is going on with the game....Regards

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    I was happily playing the game on facebook up until two weeks ago when their security certificate ran out....and now we have nothing!!! Facebook was the only place I played the game...and have posted again and again in the forum and the facebook app page with no response. I have tagged @hugotrollwars on facebook...and no response. I would also like to know once and for the the end of the game? Tell us so we can get on with our lives and not have to constantly check back if anyone has replied.

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    They won't responde
    RIP H.T.W

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    I'm just wondering, why the servers are still online ...

    PS: Would like to change my base layout to RIP TW, but the game crashes always after a few seconds ...
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    All the best, RS.
    Hugo Troll Wars

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    Really sad TT.TT

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    Perhaps Hugo Troll Wars sucked so hard that they cancelled it XD

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    I enjoyed it for what it was. Wasn't the best though, I agree.

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