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Thread: About Hugo Troll Race

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    About Hugo Troll Race

    Relive the original and hugely popular Hugo train game, which was broadcast in the nineties across the world and watched by more than 400 million per week! This time with fantastic 3D graphics, expanded gameplay and tons of new and exciting features.
    Join Hugo as he mounts his trolley while his arch-enemy, the evil witch Scylla and her henchmen, breathe down his neck.
    Great reflexes and a quick mind are your weapons to overcome hurdles, oncoming trains and evil enemies.

    - Classic Hugo train dodging game - and a whole lot more
    - Jump, dodge and tilt to avoid obstacles and oncoming trains
    - Escape the evil witch Scylla and her henchmen, Don Croco and Mexi Croco
    - Master the swipe and tilt controls to perfection
    - Collect tons of gold
    - Stay on track and get rewarded with huge scores and life-changing achievements
    - Beautiful 3D graphics
    - Wheel of Fortune bonus game
    - Seamless Game Center interaction - see how far your friends made it, and beat them!
    - Six permanent upgrades and lots of shop items available
    - Trolley workshop - pimp your own trolley from parts you unlock
    - 10 challenging achievements
    - Adventure through five different sceneries: Forest, Mine, Bridge, Desert and Eldorado

    screen480x480 (1).jpg screen480x480 (2).jpg screen480x480 (3).jpg screen480x480 (4).jpg screen480x480.jpg

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    Lehtien tilaus nopeasti ja jopa 80% edullisemmin

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    Supeeer nice!
    Hae lainaa edullisesti jopa 60 000 asti.

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    Uuuuber nice!
    Lainaa yritykselle jopa 5 milj .

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