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Thread: Random Hugo thoughts

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    Question Random Hugo thoughts

    Post Hugo related observations, speculations, and other stuff that doesn't deserve its own thread here.

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    Anyone know if this is "official" ?

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    Maybe this was supposed to be Hugo Retro Mania, but instead they chose to go with a different company? I really hope so, because i don't like that version at all!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kartio View Post
    Maybe they're just studying the character in case they could make actual Hugo game in future.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kartio View Post
    looks legit
    Blue food, the best food around!

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    Hugolina wears a blue dress for now on???

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    I was wondering if a Discord chat server for Hugo would be popular?

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    I'm going to Bulgary this Friday and I'll be back home at next Sunday.

    Progress of Agent Hugo LA
    Levels finished: 20/23 (THREE LEFT!!!)
    Levels started: 1/3
    Cutscenes finished: 28½/46
    Cutscenes started: 13/18

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    I saw Hugo in his funny shape

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    You won't believe who commented one of my videos yesterday! David "Epic Sound A/S" Filskov! Thee long time music and sound person in Hugo franchise!

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    I just asked him if he could submit the English lines of Hugo Classic 1-4. He said he could if it won't violate the rights of Hugo Games A/S

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    Does Hugo Games A/S mind, if Filskov submits me the English Hugo lines I've been looking during the developement of Agent Hugo LA?

    Speaking of which:
    Cutscenes finished: 30/46
    Cutscenes started: 9/16

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    There's a new Hugo Slot game on. Good news is that Hugo Games is finally having a grip of Hugo's classic look. Bad news is how they exploited it in Hugo Slot game: The same damn bonerigged way. Perhaps that's the best Hugo Games can do. Sigh...

    Meanwhile, I'm progressing really well with Agent Hugo LA. Now there's ten cutscenes left to finish, from which five are already started. Maybe I DO get the game finished this year. At least the "testers' edition" of the game.

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    And good news keep coming! All of Agent Hugo LA's levels are complete. Now I can focus on cutscenes that are left to make

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    I sense deeeep inactivity here - again.

    Anyway, why is Hugo Games' YouTube channel closed down?

    Thankfully I downloaded each episode of Hugo Safari in English and Danish and might consider reuploading. I also have seven first episodes in Finnish and Swedish too.

    But to reupload the rest of the episodes I need 50-60fps versions of them, so that quality would be as following:

    If someone could bring those to me?

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