Q: How do I play as Hugo?
A: Collect the letters H-U-G-O throughout the game, then he will appear in the Superstar menu.

Q: How do I get new clothes?
A: You can either spend coins or gems to get different clothes. You can also collect tokens for your selected character from rolling the Lucky Dice, which unlocks items automatically when you have enough.

Q: How do I use a skateboard?
A: If you have enough boards, double tap the screen while running to use a skateboard. You can equip different skateboard types from the Superstar menu.

Q: I have a new phone/device. How do I get my purchases back?
A: Go into the settings menu from the main screen and select “Restore Purchases”.

Q: How do I grind on rails?

A: You must have a board active in order to grind on rails.

Q: How do I complete missions?

A: You can view your current missions from the main menu by selecting “Missions”, or whilst playing by tapping the pause button. Completing missions increases your score multiplier which gives you more points.

Q: How do I complete the Daily Challenge?
Collect the letters scattered around the world to complete the word of the day. This can be seen from the pause screen or main menu. Complete successive daily challenges for an increased reward.

Q: I’ve ran out of skateboards. How do I get more?
Boards can be purchased from the Store and offered as rewards from the Lucky Dice.

Q: Where can I find the Game Center/Google Play Achievements?
A: Go into the awards menu from the main screen (the certificate icon). There you will find another icon at the top which will take you to your achievements.

Q: How does the Coin Doubler work?
A: Every coin you collect whilst running or skateboarding is doubled in value. You can combine this with the Coin Multiplier powerup for x4 coins.

Q: How do I equip abilities for my new skateboard?
A: Inside the Superstar menu, go to the “Boards” page to find the board you want to upgrade. While selected you should see a list of abilities for that board at towards the top of the page. Once purchased you can turn these abilities on or off.

Q: What is the Top Run?
A: Each week your highest score will be entered into a rank, where you will be competing with players from all over the world. At the end of each week you will be awarded a medal if you’re grouped within the top few ranks.