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Thread: Hugo World Updates

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    Hugo World Updates

    Dear Hugo World Players

    For some time, we have been working on new features and major changes in Hugo World. We have received so much great feedback from you and the rest of the Hugo community and as we are reaching the final testing phase, we wants to share some of the great things that we’ve been working on. Thanks to you, we are finally ready to share some of the exciting news!

    • Energy disappears
    • The Troll Inn collects gold
    • New rare materials
    • Introducing all new Elder Trolls
    • Upgraded production houses

    Energy disappears – Gold is here!
    Energy will disappear from the trolls and instead they will only collect gold. Higher level trolls and rare trolls will collect more gold, just as it was with energy.

    Energy is therefore also replaced with gold in production. Planting wheat, oranges, etc. will cost you gold. Buildings will now only cost gold and the gems collected in the Mine Game and Forest Game are now exclusively used to make jewelry.

    The Troll Inn collects gold
    The Troll Inn will begin to collect goals of your stored trolls. However, the trolls placed here will earn significantly less gold as the trolls in your troll houses, so be sure to place your best trolls in the troll houses!

    New rare materials
    In the future, you will be able to collect the all-new and rare Rune Stones. The Rune stones are found in chests in the Mine and the Forest game, the Lucky Mine and as a rare reward for fulfilling an order at Granddad. You can use the Rune Stones to get the rare Elder Trolls, rare decorations and for upgrading your production houses. They will come in four rarities:
    • Green rune stones: Common
    • Orange rune stones: Not so common
    • Blue rune stones: Rare
    • Teal rune stones: Very rare.

    Introducing all new Elder Trolls
    Two new Elder Trolls will arrive: The Elder Volcano Troll and The Elder Sky Troll. All Elder Trolls can be purchased for Rune Stones, but you can also be lucky to find them in the Stork House. Be aware – These are very rare and hard to find!

    Finding rare trolls have the “boost number” improved to make it easier for you to tell the difference between your trolls. The higher level your trolls are, the better they are finding rare trolls. This will be clear when looking at the “Find-O-Meter” in the Help book in the Stork House.

    Upgraded production houses
    The Bakery, the Dairy and all of the production houses can be upgraded to work faster and to give more XP.

    We are looking forward to show you all the new features when the update is being released early summer.

    If you have any request, suggestions or questions please feel free to write to us here, on Facebook or

    Thank you for all of your support and enthusiasm!

    All the best,
    The Hugo Games Team

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    Im confused, None of this seems to apply to us in hugo troll wars?

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    Same I'm confused, why aren't there updates for us Hugo troll wars players?
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