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Thread: Be able to sign in with xbox

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    Be able to sign in with xbox

    I think it would make the game better if you could sign in with Xbox live as well as Facebook. Because if you are under 15 or simply do not like social media (me),and you lose your base, your screwed and have lost your base, unless you are willing to create a forum account, and even then, it probably will result in restarting the game.

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    Very good idea, there are a lot games where you can do this, so it should be feasible. Many players haven't a facebook account, because of the data protection there.

    All the best, RS.
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    It's really perfect point as for me. Signing in became faster and more comfortable. By the way I help with
    resume for graphic design job. I think it could be interesting for people who wants be game designer for example.

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