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Thread: Do trolls use paths?

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    Do trolls use paths?

    you can build paths in Hugo World, but my question is do the trolls acutally use them? Do they differentiate grass from paths?
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    Hi Marv

    The trolls will walk around in your world, not only on the roads.
    The cool thing about that, is that some have decided to "invert" their world, meaning everything is paths(which will look like sand/desert) and then leave paths of grass - so suddenly the grass is the roads..where should the trolls be walking then? (That sentence sounds a bit confusing but I think you know what I mean)

    So no, the trolls do not differentialte, between paths and grass, but they differentiate between everything else, so they don't walk into houses, decorations, vegetation etc.

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    I'm also looking for guidance in hugo

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    Not many differentiation between them

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