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Thread: Offline Mode

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    Offline Mode

    if you travel a lot, you don't have access to the internet all of the time and in this case it would be great to see an offline mode.
    I know that some of the features need an internet connection, but not all of them and it would be nice to still have access to your village.
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    Agree, would be nice.
    But not as simple unfortunately, since Hugo World syncronizes with the server all the time.
    Whenever you sell/buy items, visit another world, level up etc, communication is needed to have all the latest data.
    The same goes for other players wanting to interact with your world, ig items you want to sell, real time data is needed too.
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    Totally agree. It would be nice to play anytime whether there is internet connection or not. I am really excited to play that !!
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    is there any offline version of Hugo now? I would love to buy it. Because this game is sickkkk

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