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12-03-2013, 06:21 PM
I have to say this is the most frustrating game I have played in a very long time, thankfully I have not bought a lot of bloodlines.

I play on a kindle fire HD with the latest upgrade in operating system. My user name is Ian in both Trolls and Witches I have about 890 relics in Trolls and 760 in witches to help you identify if needed.

The game is spoilt by the number of crashes both in play and when entering, the inability to find matches most times only to find you have been raided as soon as you leave.

When attacking archers attack defending troops only to freeze if those troops move,
Base is attacked and defending troops do not defend
When you have a shield and try to play game to attack the shield is removed and yet no matches are available
New icons in the alliance page which I assume are supposed to show troops donated by and to you yet bare no relation to reality.
Some upgrades can be cancelled (within armoury) yet building that are or maybe upgraded in error cannot be changed.
Chat that you can never know if it is working and posts being seen by others of has effectively frozen.
Player kicked from alliance can immediately and continually 're enter unless you change settings that will block everyone of that level.
Un moderated chat where young people can be exposed to sexually explicit language and or bullying with no report setting.

This has all the possibilities of being being an enjoyable game but is getting less so as game play is reduced.

One idea that may improve both matches and game play, matches should be against similar blue star levels not relics as stars represent progress in the game relics can be manipulated down or be UN naturally high due to team work

Kind regards


Hugo Games
12-04-2013, 09:46 AM
Hi Ian

Thanks a lot for your feedback.
Much appreciated.

I have shared your post with the team and they will read it.
If we need more information I will back to you.

I will post when we have more news.

Have a great day

Danni / Hugo Games