View Full Version : some useful improvements

06-13-2014, 01:23 AM

I present some important but not necessarily useful improvements of any kind.

1) Sorting option (star, relics) in the search for players / alliance.
2) Up damage of hide canon for he did the same damage as the canon(last level: 230 instead of 220).
3) Possibility to displace the trees that appear anywhere.
4) Change 10% attack( after a number of victory for the alliance) counter a classement, with the first ,numerous stones, less for the second, etc..
5) Fix the bug for the success "protector", for win 150 campain level but i have 170 star in campain.
6) Change the number of star in campain(in bottom ***/150 stars), because it doesn't take account of the new campaign, it's 180 stars.
7) optional: see his village with the graphics of the other faction.

06-13-2014, 08:40 PM
I like the idea of improving the hidden cannons power and the trees but I think the mercenaries are the reason to play the campaign no status but what if completing a level gives you 500 respective stones the harder the campaign levels are?