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11-30-2013, 11:26 PM
I propose that there should be a Warrior King or a Hugo for trolls and an Archer King or a Scyla for witches which are immortal, mighty, and big versions of warriors and archers. Secondly donated troops should be able to defend like mercenaries. Thirdly, co-op attack donations should count as donations. I think battle cards should get better as the streak goes and if you can't buy one, the pirate could give you currency. I would love a new currency called elixir. The elixir storage would be unlocked at town hall 5 and the drill would be 6 and one every town hall level up. It would be rare, buy the hero that I earlier suggested and buys a new type of troop. It would be the Dark Barracks and it would have 10 troop types: 1 minion a flying creature that drops bombs. Hit points are low damage is medium. 2 Hogrider can jump over walls. Hit points medium damage medium. 3 Valkerye Swings axe in circles Hit points low damage medium. 4 Doctor Brings dead troops back to life hitpoints low brings 3 troops per second. 5 Ninja hit points medium can become invisible every 5 seconds. Damage medium. 6 Ghost half, but can be senced by archer towers and aa guns. Distraction is what it can be used as. 7 Robot Hit points high damage high. 8Demon claws at target. Hit points low damage high. Those are all the troops I could come up with for now. Please post other ideas under this post. And finally please have a "report" button for global because there are kids playing.

12-01-2013, 02:31 PM
9 Giant hitpoints high damage medium Trouble with walls. 10 Goblin- The ultimate loot stealer. Super fast hitpoints meduim damage high

01-05-2014, 03:43 AM
NEW BUILDING LIKE making everyday 1 or 5 LIFE and BLOODSTONES