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09-12-2013, 09:43 AM
Hugo Troll Wars FAQ - English

1. Can I use the resources I have gained in one faction in the other faction as well?
All the Gold, Wax and Bloodstones/Lifestones you collect belong to your specific Hugo or Scylla village.

2. Some of my troops survived a battle, so why have they gone?
Troops you train and spend in combat can only be used once. You will have to train new units for your next attack in your Command Tent. Troops donated by friends and Mercenaries trained in your Embassy can also only be used for one attack against your village.

3. Why can’t I control my units?
Your troops have a mind of their own. Once you deploy them in battle, they will handle things the best way they see fit.

4. How do I join or create an Alliance?
To join an existing Alliance, you can either be invited to join an Alliance by an Alliance Leader or you can join an Alliance yourself. If you get invited to join an Alliance by a leader, the invitation will appear in the top of the Chat menu. If you want to seek out an Alliance, you can search for an Alliance in the Social menu. You can limit your search to show only Alliances that are free for all. Simply tap on the Alliance you wish to join to view information on that Alliance, and tap “Join Alliance” in the bottom of the menu. Note that some Alliances have minimum level and/or Relic requirements before they will allow players to join.
You can also choose to start your own Alliance. You can do this in “Create Alliance” in the Social menu.

5. How do I get more people to join my Alliance?
You can promote your Alliance in the faction part of the Chat. You can also search for people and invite them into your Alliance in the Social menu.

6. Why can't I invite certain players to join my Alliance?
You can only be in an Alliance with players playing the same faction as you. Note that players playing as Hugo will appear in green and Scylla players will appear in red.

7. Why can’t I join an Alliance?
If you are unable to join an Alliance through the Alliance Info menu, check that:
- You are playing the same faction as the chosen Alliance.
- You match the level and/or Relics requirements set by the Alliance leader.
- The Alliance is “Open to All”; if not, then only players who are invited by the leader may join the Alliance.
- The Alliance is not full.

8. How do I transfer and return leadership?
If you have promoted a player to alliance leader, the player will need to return the leadership to you.
PLEASE NOTE: Hugo Games do not interfere with the leadership structure of alliances, nor possible conflicts among alliance members. This has to be resolved by the leaders.
Always be careful of who you promote in your alliance.

9. How does “Random Match” work?
Selecting “Random Match” matches you with a random opponent of the opposite faction who is close to your own level of strength. This is based on your quantity of Relics.

10. How does Co-op work?
Coop is short for “Cooperative”, where you can request troops from your friends and allies to help you attack another player.
• In the Coop window of the Attack menu, you can select “All”, “Friends”, “Alliance” and Player. Selecting one of these options will send a request out to your friends, Alliance, a particular player or all of them, depending on your selection.
• If a player accepts the request, they will be able to send you troops. These troops will be visible in your Request tab.
• Once the number of troops you have requested is close to the Contribution Cap, a green “Choose Troops” message will appear, which will allow you to select your own troops to take with you into battle.
• Once you have selected your own troops, you will be paired with an opponent. This opponent will be selected based on you and your friends'/allies' quantity of Relics, but the opponent you attack will always be more powerful wherever possible.
• Relics will be shared between both attacking players, and the quantity will depend on how many troops players have donated.

11. What are Mercenaries and how do they work?
Mercenaries are special units that you can unlock by playing the Single Player campaign. Once you have unlocked these units, they will be available for hire in your Embassy.
Mercenaries will typically be used to defend your base and will come out of your Embassy and defend your village when you are attacked. Mercenaries will only defend your village once; after that you will need to hire more Mercenaries.

12. What are Relics and how do they work?
Relics are gained or lost by attacking or being attacked. It determines who you are matched against when playing “Random Match” and “Coop” games. The number of Relics you earn from a battle is based on:
• The number of Stars you achieve in combat. The more Stars you achieve, the more Relic Points you earn. Achieving no Stars means that you lose the battle and lose Relics.
• The quantity of Relics the defending player has compared to you. You will gain more Relics from defeating a player with more Relics than you than a player with fewer Relics than you.
• Relics are also gained or lost when players attack your village, so make sure you upgrade your defenses!

13. What are Potions and how do they work?
Potions are single-use effects you can use in battle to help your troops. Potions can be bought from the Potion Shop where you will be able to unlock more Potions as you upgrade your Shop. To use a Portion when attacking, select a Potion from your selector and tap the battlefield where you want to use your Potion.

14. What are Battle Cards and how do they work?
Battle Cards allow you to summon more troops in battle. Simply select a Battle Card and place it on the battlefield to summon troops to help your existing army.
Battle Cards are awarded from visiting the Pirate Ship (Note: the Pirate Ship will not appear until you upgrade your Town Hall to level 4). Frequent visits to the Pirate Ship will grant you bonuses and more powerful Battle Cards.

15. What is a Shield and how does it work?
Shields provide full protection from being attacked by other players. You will automatically gain a Shield if your village has been raided by another player, preventing you from being attacked again for certain time. You can also buy Shields from the Shield menu to protect your village for a specific period. Bear in mind that attacking other players while your Shield is active will immediately disable the Shield.

16. How does the Embassy work?
The Embassy houses troops donated to you from other players as well as Mercenaries you may have hired. Upgrading your Embassy will allow you to store more troops and Mercenaries. When attacked, your donated troops and Mercenaries will emerge from the Embassy to defend your village. Once the attack is over, you must hire more Mercenaries and request fresh troops to fill your Embassy.
Note that Mercenaries cannot be deployed in a battle.

17. How do I switch between factions?
You can own your own village in both the Hugo and Scylla faction. If you log out from the Settings menu, you will be able to choose to play as the other faction. Switching to the other faction will still keep your other village intact, and you can switch between factions as often as you like. However, please bear in mind that all the currencies and resources you gather are unique to each of your villages.

18. How can I change my name?
You are unable to change your name once you have chosen it.

19. Can I reset my village and start over?
No, you cannot reset your village.

20. What is a Challenge and how does it work?
A Challenge is when you attack a friend or Alliance player. However, you do not steal their resources, nor do you lose your troops from attacking your friend or ally. This is useful for trying out different attack formations and testing your friends’ defenses. You can win Brag Points by challenging a player.

21. What are Brag Points?
Brag Points are earned from challenging or being challenged by a friend or ally. You can use Brag Points to buy special decorative items.