View Full Version : Energy balancing in Version 1.8.0

05-22-2014, 12:11 PM
Q: Why do I have less energy than before the update?

A:There were some trolls that had faults in their energy work - They were simply way too good, both for the game and also compared to trolls, that are harder to find.

Especially four trolls have been corrected:
Bumble Troll, Inky Troll, Peat Troll and Gloomy Troll.
If you had many, or even some, of these trolls levelled up to level 10, these trolls would supply a lot more energy than they were suppose to and thus distorted the gameplay.

We apologize for the inconvenience - the game should be fair and reward those players who spend a lot of time collecting rare trolls - And thus should experience they have more energy than getting some random lower level trolls.

Hugo Games