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05-08-2014, 01:22 PM
Welcome Trolls & Witches to the Champions League! It's time to pit your wits and test your steel against allies & foes, only one can be crowned the winner.

Cost to Enter: 10 Stones
Competitors: Maximum of 30 players per league match table
Prizes: 1st - 100 Stones, 2nd - 50 Stones, 3rd - 25 Stones plus lots of resources
New Stats: Ranking - Total number of Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals won will be displayed on your profile
When: Leagues start every 3 days and matches last for 3 days, you can buy in anytime before a league match starts. League buy in closes 2 hours before a 3 day match is about to start
Loot: Everyone will receive Gold and Wax for participating. The level of resources you receive is dependent on where you finish in the league table.
Matches: League matches last 3 days. You have 5 attacks to use on your competitors. You can only attack the same competitor once - so you must choose your 5 targets wisely.
Scores: Points are awarded by the number of Stars you earn from attacking your competitors, maximum points available is 15
Matching system: Each league will have players around the same level (attack & defense) to ensure fair play!
Hall of Fame: View the top 30 players who have earned their place in the Hall of Fame. Check out their bases to get ideas for defenses.

Now is the time to put everything on the line, throw the dice, conquer your league and reap the rewards of victory!

Several months have passed... it's clear there are many worthy adversaries... but there can only be one! If you qualify, join the masters league to test your skills against the best of the best... are you worthy to be the number 1 in the world?

05-22-2014, 04:46 AM
Champions/Treasure Island
Your goal is to defeat your opponents and unlock the treasure chest in the center of the map. You are teleported to a random location on the Island, to make your way to the middle you have to choose your path carefully, defeating your fellow Trolls & Witches and earn your right to the treasure.

The winner is decided when the time is up, who has earned the most stars and unlocked the chest in the middle.