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11-20-2013, 03:54 PM
Hello everybody~♥

My name is Heidi (also known as Nightsky-goddess) and I'm from Finland.
I'm currently studying to become a dressmaker in Keuda, which is vocational school.

Many of you knows me as 'Scylla' in these forums and also as an artist, well, not much commissioned one but I still do love to draw and paint.
My Hugo-background started also in the late 90's (since the TV-show was aired in 93-95) and we had couple VHS-tapes, full of Hugo. My first game was to Playstation 1 and it was Hugo 1, I never sadly owned Hugo 2 :( At the moment I only own Hugo 1 to PC and several Agent Hugo-games to Playstation 2 :)

I will always be Hugo fan till the end ♥

your one and only Nightsky-Goddess aka Scylla ♥