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02-04-2014, 01:54 PM
Ok well I have been playing this game for a month or two and I came from the other game to say the least. There are some issues I would like to address. First off, NO long ranged weaponry? Why is this, all we have is mortars, this is great for bulk power and splash damage but nothing of the same as lets say a crossbow? I know we dont want to compare to other games, but this is a MAJOR flaw in the game. Not having some long ranged, can be worked around with traps and more towers, however, we only have AA guns and Archers to hit Air. Thats what the issue is more or less, someone with 9 dragons, will come thru and hit hard, even with good maxed out AA towers. WE need something that hits Air/Ground with a toggle, doesnt need to be plasma cannons, but something with more RANGED? And maybe even only 2 of them?

Next issue, TRAPS and Bombs. Why do we have to put them down everytime? Why cant we just rearm them if we have the gold? This is silly and a nuisance, that doesnt need to be in the game. I love some of your traps, but your lacking in the AIR department once again. You make this very OP'd for Air players. Even without Air defense bombs, I can do without, just add an option to boom fix it.

UPDATES: Why does the window APP seem so buggy, please do not flame OOO ITS WINDOWS. I dont want to hear that, the app is release and sometimes ill go to my base repair everything, refresh after hitting my witches and everything is destroyed as if I didnt do anything. Also, there doesnt seem to be any updates to this game at all, DEV side as far as crashing is concerned. The game will randomly crash, if i choose to upgrade with LIFESTONES and give me the gold then I have to relog in and reupgrade the item.

REPLAYS and BATTLES: If someone can attack me over and over, I should be able to access a replay, and then revenge. Nope no dice. And they just keep attacking me, I dont mind it because he is getting less then when I attack him, which brings forth the next issue. WHY IS there no one for me to attack? Please do not say lack of players, this is not an issue. I have looked at local and global charts and there is PLENTY in the top 100 with my stats and NO SHIELDS active?! Why cant I fight them?

Next and last and I am sure there will be more. Please someone from HUGO respond. The amount of money I spent in this game, I would love some good support. If I bought anything in real life with the amount of money I spent on this game, I would expect a year support at least. I am not complaining just throwing ideas out there that need to be addressed. Please add a builder mode, where you can put everything in a "warehouse" then drop and put them down so you can edit your whole base and not look like a silly freak trying to find room to put something somewhere when trying to rebuild it.

HALL OF BANNER: What exactly is the purpose of this inanimate object, please let us move it to Alabama or something.

02-04-2014, 09:26 PM
I agree only in the sense that compared to other similar styled games this one needs to either catch up or it will not succeed.

02-04-2014, 09:39 PM
there is no doubt about that, Its not hard to update software, im at the point I dont even care about the crashing, add some more content. Make more defensive structures or options. Maybe some spikes on the ground or something that flies up in the air and goes boom

02-05-2014, 01:20 PM
Thanks for your feedback Jai.
That is some really great feedback.

Long Range units are in the pipeline and are expected to be included in an upcoming update.
In terms of traps (there will be several) have been made and it's a matter of final technical touches.
Expect those to be out soon.

We have experienced that when users are playing different versions of Hugo Troll Wars, the replay will not work properly.
Say you have the newest version and you are up against one who has an older version - then those versions will conflict.
The same version is required and when the next update is out, it will be a forced update so you can only play if you have the latest version. Then the replay issue will be solved hopefully and everybody is running the same version. Much easier for everyone.

Hugo Troll Wars is under constant Development, bugs are being fixed and new features added. The latest Windows update have seen a decrease in crashed up to 50%. We still have Work to do, but it's getting there.

Together with the feedback we get from you and the rest of community we have come a long way and please keep it coming.
Thanks again

Hugo Games

02-05-2014, 09:23 PM
That is great to hear but question on those traps are they going to have a repair function where you don't need a free builder or has that gone unchanged?

02-05-2014, 10:26 PM
today could not connect to server, just all day. Need to fix that damn server. Im glad an admin got back to me on this. The update where they are all forced to use the latest would be the best option hands down.