View Full Version : No offense but...

11-27-2016, 09:29 PM
Where was all your support all this time? I'm still unlucky at finding background artists for my fanfilm and the co-animators I found...well one of them was able to do one scene (which is finished soon) while other one didn't respond to progress check up yet.

I still feel you all left me alone with the fanfilm. No one here seemed to pay attention to my need of help. If this goes on, I may have to cancel the whole darn fan film (and how I'm gonna explain that to the co-animators and voice actress who were willing to help, huh???).

So please, are there any other flash-animators, bg artist or even speedpainters here in Hugo-forums? Time is running out, cause Christmas eve is soon! Prove that you know how to support others! Prove that you care as much as Hugo-fan can care about his idol! I matter as much as other members!

And I hope I wasn't too striking with this one...