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03-10-2016, 05:57 AM
My name is SailBoat! I'm a young aspiring artist who draws at least 5 times a day! I recently heard about this forum from a Moderator also known as NightSky-Goddess! Who happens to be my fiancee, I really don't know a lot about the Hugo games because they weren't a huge part of my childhood, but I really do want to get more into them! I figured that this forum would be the best place to start my journey. :cool: I have a few art pages if you ever want to see more of my art. I'm a bit too shy to post my links to those pages outright, but if you are interested you can private message me! :D I do commissions and post my own art pretty regularly, since its basically what I spend 99% of my time doing!

I hope that this forum will be a good place for me to expand my horizons. You will probably be seeing most of my posts under the Fan art section :D I look forward to being apart of this community even if am not the most talkative person around. Thanks for taking the time to look at my intro! Hope to see everyone around!


Nicolai[Hugo Games]
03-14-2016, 10:48 AM
Hi Sailboat
Welcome to the forums :D I would love to see some of your art, so don't be afraid to post anything! Let me know if you have any questions or anything.

I hope that you will have a great time here! Say hi to NightSky for me ;)

03-14-2016, 05:14 PM
Thank you for the warm welcome! I'll try to post some art often to share with everyone! I will definitely ask you if I need anything and I'll say hi to her!:D

03-15-2016, 08:05 PM
Since I'm a 2D and CGi artist myself (and an animator too), this sounds promising.