View Full Version : Give us a mute option!

09-27-2015, 01:19 AM
Hey there,

today the german open chat was a mess again. Someone was spamming over an hour or more. It was not possible to chat with other people at all. Even though some people did use the report button, the spammer came back again and agian with different names.

Because Hugo Troll Wars attracks a younger audience this kind of behaviour is here more common than in other games I would assume. But none the less it's annyoing for us all.

So my proposal is give us a MUTE option for people in gernal. So we can't see the messages and happily ignore them. The report button is nice, but it's not working for that kind of beviour, at least not here. A lot of people got tired and just left the game. Not a nice expierence. :p

09-27-2015, 10:14 PM
I agree! Please, this is something that is desperately needed. Public chat is a sewer, there is so much spamming and trolling going on that it is difficult to have a decent conversation. I myself have almost completely stopped playing due to the chat (as well as the fact that I cannot attack without my game crashing and me losing everything). On Clash of Clans, there is a mute option, and it works exceedingly well. Please do NOT let the public chat ruin the game!!

10-03-2015, 08:29 PM
At first this seems like a very good idea except people would just abuse it and it would end up with everyone muting one person just to annoy them, then there is how long they would be muted for.

10-04-2015, 11:17 PM
On CoC, it's until they restart the game. With the fact that HTW doesn't have a ton of servers like CoC, I'm not sure exactly how long it would last. But still, this needs to be implemented. Everything has the potential to be abused, but this helps the chat so we can get rid of spammers and trolls before they get chat banned. Especially if there's not enough people on chat to initiate a ban.