View Full Version : Some general new ideas

rs dorf
08-02-2015, 07:49 PM
When we talked about this (see: http://forum.hugogames.com/showthread.php?1825-Some-new-ideas-for-alliances), we had also other ideas, which I want to write here, because they don't fit to the alliance thread.
1 A 4th campaign (probably see?) I don't think I have to explain this more.

2 An upgrade for the pirate, so after the first upgrade you only get uncommon and rare cards and after the second upgrade you only get rare cars (or something like this)

3 A use for the hall of the banner:

Moving the hall of the banner
Upgrade the hall of the banner
The hall of the banner must be destroyed to get 100%

And then: A guy who is in the hall of the banner and helps the troops in the war. He must be unlocked and he can be upgraded. I think he should look like an old man, who holds a banner with the weapon of the alliance. He cannot be killed and the troops in a constant radius of him are more powerful (faster, more hitpoints, more damage or all of this). He can be set somewhere or he is already there, when you come. He follows the troops (like a healer) or he stands there, where you place him and don't goes away from there. All in all I don't know the details, but he would be really good.

So, I think that was it for today...it would be really great, if you could make this, or only some of those things.