View Full Version : Some new ideas for alliances

rs dorf
08-02-2015, 07:05 PM
In my alliance we had in the chat some ideas, which we would like:
1 A Clan-pot, where everyone who has too much gold/wax can do it in and everyone who has too less can get those resis. (A highest lot to take/give is here useful, also useful would be here, that lower lvl player can less get than high lvl players)

2 a Bulletin board, where the leader or also the captains can write something down, that everyone in the alliance can see, this would be good, if somebody wants something to say, if there write too much people in chat, nobody wants to scroll to the bottom to read this. (Probably even divided in one part for the leader, one part for the captains and one part for everyone)

Probably you can make this (now or in a year), but I think the ideas are not bad.