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01-07-2014, 07:30 PM
As promised some ideas for the game, although I know with re balancing some things may be less applicable

for me the joy of the game is battles and sharing, battles at limited due to relic levels so I have already put in an idea that matches the strength of base Not relics as many bases at same level.

As part of that it was very easy (or nearly impossible) to gain points against most bases an attack by 200 archers would get you the win and on anything below 26 100%. To make the game more strategic I thought that individual weapons could be more targeted a bit like Akk Akk against flyers.

Wall towers could be equipped with water cannon which stop archers firing turning them into foot soldiers a archers can't have wet bow strings the tower could be an upgrade by using bloodstones or donating in co ops say 1000 bloodstones and may also drive an income stream yet be obtainable by all.

The magic towers steal the magic of wizards who approach too close therefore making wizards useless
Cavalry are knocked out by cannon as it kills horses.
And possibly Golems killed by magic towers at a faster rate as again magic is sapped, obviously this would all need balanced by the strengths of troops but would mean players had to balance the attack force to win rather than just throwing everything or anything at the town, it would also make the layout of the town more important.

That more troops can be trained in armoury say 600 points but only 200 can be use in the battle, so that different strategies can be used dependant upon what the base is like.

Alliance Wars

As alliances grow they can match against each other one side builds an army and invades the members of the chosen alliance, each village is attacked by th player and they cannot move on until 100% destroyed when they run out of army the war is over. Strong Alliances with active members will build bigger armies, Alliances get battle honours which can be ranked . Hopefully no major changes needed but think would be very popular. Again blood stones could be required to again raise small amounts of revenue I would be happy to pay a tribute for that option. Order of battle could be random or part of strategy each player that sign up within the alliance could be forced o captain a battle.

Within alliances more ranks and medals these can be awarded for good team play say 5000 embassy donations.

A last played date for each player in the alliance so we know who is active, together with resetable counters again so we can keep players motivated.

The ability to share resources as well as troops

Well I think that would keep you busy if you require any clarification just let me know