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Hugo Games
01-02-2014, 04:07 PM
Hugo Troll Wars is a true cross-platform game, available on both iOS, Android, Windows, Kindle and Facebook.

Many users aren't aware that the game can be played with the same user on every platform.
Others experience when they delete the game and re-install the game starts from the beginning.

Follow these simple steps in order to play with the same user:

1. Go to Settings menu.
2. Choose "Connect to Facebook".
3. Follow the procedure on the facebook dialog box and choose allow.

That's it!
Next time you can just sign in with your facebook login and the game will start from were you last ended the game.
Now you will no more need to re-start when you get a new device.

01-24-2014, 03:08 AM
Connected successfully.

But now every time I start the game, it ask me the name and password of Facebook.
What for? it really pisses
It happens much times a day (just exit, incoming call, game crash, or game crash while phone get asleep)

And how to disconnect?
I press "disconnect", the game asks again username and password ... and nothing changes

The next entry, I can't enter game without entering the password.
And if I enter the password, again see the button "disconnect" etc

01-28-2014, 06:05 AM
It asked me Facebook pass 20 times today.

How can I turn it off in my phone?
It was just a test. My desktop computer proved to be too slow for this game with facebook.

Additionaly, there is too slow internet connection. I watched it constantly send some packets to Facebook.

Besides, sometimes the game crashes only because lost connection with facebook

/me beating his head against the wall

My 100 megabytes per day (3G) over in less than 5 hours of play. Now 64 kbit/s
Why is the game consumes much traffic???

Now I just sit and enjoy the words "Please wait"

01-29-2014, 09:30 AM
Once you connect to facebook, you can't disconnect again. Only thing you can do is logging in with another facebook user. If you want to log out, you can reinstall the game, but this will give you a new user though.

01-30-2014, 03:13 AM
Then do that worked fine, so that after each glitch did not ask the password from Facebook :(

And if there is no connection with Facebook to not knocked out of the game for this reason.

01-31-2014, 05:05 AM
what the hell it ask me name&pass again and again?

03-14-2014, 11:01 PM
I do not have a Facebook account. My phone was stolen a couple of days ago. I have a new phone now. However, when I downloaded Troll wars and entered my user name, the account did not access my old information. Instead, get started me from the beginning. I have invested money in my previous "setup." What can I do now to retrieve my old setup?

03-17-2014, 07:48 PM
Help restore an zapis.Ne stored properly activate an account on the second unit, and all zeroed!

03-19-2014, 03:28 PM
what the hell it ask me name&pass again and again?

I have heard other people talk about this and it seems as if this is a common problem with Facebook games. It isn't on the Troll Wars side so they cant do anything about it.