View Full Version : Tips for new members

12-30-2014, 02:44 AM
As a veteran member here I will help you with the controls of the site.Sections are the categories for posting your questions or finding things you would like to discuss with us.Forum Etiquette DO NOT POST VULGAR IMAGES OR CONTENT Spamming is not acceptable no matter what.STAY ON TOPIC people here might want to seriously discuss a topic and might cause fighting among members.POSTING CONTROLS it works like most Microsoft word programs as in it and if you want visiable emoticons make sure you have one space between the previous word or period comma etc.A helpful site for uploading pictures is imgur.com it's free for use and take the link and post it.Use the paperclip icon to add attachments.PRIVATE MESSAGING you can click on the user you want to message then click private message then type your message then you can converse in private.LEAVING messages are public and everyone can read them so beware.USING A ICON go to your profile most users don't know this go to profile after you save your image upload it you have two options so chose one and it will be shown while posting.Hope this helps new members out on their stay on the site pm me if you need further help. :cool: