View Full Version : List of ideas

09-29-2014, 06:31 PM
Just some thoughts on possible new features. Read through some threads and they don't appear to be duplicate, sorry if they are:

1)Co-op Elite mode. Get to attack a base those troops come out and attack yours. 100 max troops from base say and you get to attack with say 300 troops. This will also add to the game play since the troops could be trigger by the amory and there position will depend on when they get deployed or you add small bomb like triggers that are hidden.
2)Ability to do a friendly attack on yourself. A number of times when building troops for the campaign I've wondered what they would do to my own base.

3)Something similar to earth quake. But only effects some structures like guns. Massive cost so not commonly used and you can then link earth stone purchases to it

4)Water or ditch. Only enough to say give two sides to the townhall but troops cannot go over them at all and forces them down a path rather than fences/walls that they will try all day to break down.

5) Improve the bomber so game moves back to being ground troop based
6) small catapult with the ability to aim
7) Ability to select what is attacked by a troop. Like the grunts to attach a turret

8) The attacks I make. Sometimes I want to play them back to see where I went wrong