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12-18-2013, 01:09 AM
Looting: Be great to be able to loot all extractors/mines with one click/tap - even if this was a feature that required stones to be enabled on your account permanently I would be tempted to get it, and would stop with the shield loading after collecting a few resources each time.

Hidden Towers: Are very easy to spot when raiding. Show all storages as full when an enemy attacks - this would make it harder to find the real from the hidden towers and give raiders a nasty surprise!

Crystal Towers: Set so they attack air troops or change tooltip to ground only (if that's how they're supposed to work). Currently they will only attack air troops if there are ground troops in range, they won't attack if it's only air troops in range.

Languages: Ability to translate chat to your default language. We've lots of people in our guild we don't know what they're saying. Select language you play as (now available in settings).

Players Location: Show a flag next to player names to identify which country they play from.

Cosmetics: Have different buildings, town packs for Trolls & Witches (purchasable).

Competition: Have rewards/incentives for players staying in the top 10. Also a Hall of Fame, people can get medals/points each week for being in the top positions.

Daily/Weekly Quests: It would be great to have daily and weekly quests (that carry over until completed), that granted extra life/blood stones or extra resources on completion (weekly of course more). Things like, successfully 3 star 5 enemies, successfully defend from 5 attacks, destory 5 embassies, raid 500,000 gold and/or wax, donate 250 troops to a co-op attack, donate 50 troops for embassies etc.

Chat: Have a report button for abusive users/comments to be flagged to a moderator.

Alliance Wars: Let alliances set-up Wars between each other, members will find each other more frequently when finding matches. Points tally up from the battles between alliance members - have a leaderobard to show who's at war and how they're faring.

Alliance Member Status: Show if an alliance member is online, has been online within 7 days, not been online in over a week. This is important to help alliances work together and grow.

Statistics: We all love stats! Show the top attackers, top defenders, top raiders so people can check out their bases.

Re-set Achievements: Have the ability to re-set achievements and do them again using stones.

Report a Problem: Have an in-game option on the settings menu for users to submit a problem/bug. Would make it easier for users to submit issues and for you to track the player who submitted the issue.

Alliance co-ops: Limit a player request for a co-op to 1-3 a day. Limit daily trophies that can be won donating to co-op attacks.

Revenge: Grey out the revenge option when a player is under a shield, so it's clear you cannot attack them at that moment.

Training Troops: Show a timer for how long all troops will take to train in each barracks. This will make it easier to make all barracks training end around the same time.

Combat Log: Show logs for attacks, break down logs to view Defenses & Attacks.

Update the Website: Community menu tab goes to Forums. Each slider for games to have buttons to go to the page and buttons on where to download, install, play Hugo Troll Wars/Hugo Games.

Re-Arm Traps: A way to quickly re-arm traps. Having to buy and re-place them each time can become tedious.

Added - Thanks! :D

Alliance Donating Troops: Allow to keep finger on troops to automatically keep donating that troop type, rather than having to constantly press for each 1. Like you can do with training troops.

01-02-2014, 10:20 PM
Added a few more things, hope they help!

01-03-2014, 12:20 PM
Hi Mark,

Really appreciate you taking the time to write the feedback above. :)

Many of your points are already on our wishlist for the coming updates, but we have to prioritize hard for each update so I can't promise anything about when these things will be fixed at this point.

Having feedback like this helps us know what is important for you guys so its really good to get confirmation on a lot of this improvements.

Feel free to write if you come up with more stuff. :)