View Full Version : [FIX] If you have a colour problem, just try this!

06-23-2014, 01:43 PM
I wanted to play Hugo Classics #1 to my Windows 7. But I have a colour problem before. I tried this, and it works perfectly!


Hugo Games
06-23-2014, 01:51 PM
Hi Mert

Nice first post!
Welcome to the community.
Keep up the good work :)

06-23-2014, 07:20 PM
What language is your Hugo Classic #1 ? Just curious.

06-23-2014, 11:33 PM
What language is your Hugo Classic #1 ? Just curious.

It's Finnish. But there's English version on PS1. You can use a emulator to play PS1 games. :)

07-24-2014, 01:18 AM
I did not understand what they have to do at the end. :(

11-28-2014, 05:05 PM
In case that doesn't work, this may help:

12-02-2014, 10:01 AM
I have Windows 7 with AMD Graphics driver which causes my Hugo Classics go interpolated and wrongly colored. Not even .bat-file works (I'm glad it works with other graphics driver). Is there any way to disable the interpolation or should I replace the AMD driver with some other graphics driver (like Intel's, HP's or Nvidia's for example?) or install them besides of AMD's one? Or could installing DirectX solve the problem?