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  1. Lost accounts
  2. We need help!
  3. Attn facebook players
  4. One of our young players did lose his bases
  5. Player lost his both accounts
  6. Lost account
  7. Thank you all
  8. please help me
  9. A little question about lost wax and gold
  10. So i need help
  11. problem? help me please
  12. Winning after a battle, then the game crashed and restarted, lost everything.
  13. A little question about cheat
  14. I am a new member and I need help from everyone.
  15. I have a problem with battle
  16. please help me
  17. Please try again later, could not load base
  18. How can I do?
  19. Please, help to regain access to the old base
  20. need help?
  21. Hi guys, i have a question.. Need help?
  22. Need help?
  23. Can onyone help me?
  24. Help with village
  25. So what happened?
  26. i have a question, need help?
  27. hi guys, need help?
  28. Need help? Thanks
  29. need help? thanks
  30. I have a little question
  31. Need help?