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  1. Hugo Troll Wars available for Kindle!
  2. Hugo Troll Wars for Windows Phone is Out Now
  3. Hugo Troll Wars for iOS is Out Now
  4. Balancing changes
  5. Balancing Feedback
  6. Balancing changes - Cavalry
  7. Change in reward when donating to co-op attacks
  8. Balancing changes big update
  9. WIN 1000 Blood- & Lifestones
  10. New Alliance Feature
  11. Balancing changes 29th of January
  12. Stop messing around with balacing changes
  13. Find A Match has been optimized
  14. Random Match and high Level players
  15. NEW Single Player Campaign coming soon
  16. HTW Facebook Version is Down
  17. Number of Alliance Attacks to get Attack bonus has been lowered!
  18. NEW - Weekly Leaderboard - Win Rewards!
  19. IOS Updated
  20. iOS update is now available
  21. Leaderboard reset
  22. building upgrades
  23. Hugo Troll Wars Announcement
  24. Hugo Troll Wars is closing down
  25. Troll Wars closing down
  26. this means can't